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seems like no one is visiting the comunity anymore and i'm too sad whenever i see it so i will be closing it down....sorry for any inconvenience

TVXQ Wins NET Award

The 10th net K usic Festival was held the Ja sil Oly pic Stadiu in central Seoul last S urday

The gold prize went to Dongbangsingi, Big Bang and Wonder Girls

DBSK, a pop group consisting of five e bers, won the ost awards - five, including the Albu Award and obile Popular Award

Big Bang’s perfor ance elted any a teenage girl’s heart The group staged “Lies,” “Last Farewell”


dbsk/tvxqs : relationship with their fans

DBSK/TOHOSHINKI/TVXQ fans are going nuts over a fanvid that was posted on DNBN. The fanvid was a message talking about the relationship between DBSK / TVXQ and their fans, the Cassiopeia.

The video portrayed how the Cassiopeia were extremely worried that they were losing DBSK to foreign lands, when it was really DBSK that was worried that they will be losing the Cassiopeia. Many fans cried over this heart warming video.

I can definitely relate to how the fans are feeling. I had the same kind of heart warming experience when I saw my first porn starring Asslee Bendover. Unfortunately, it was sad watching her deteriorate over the years. Yes, now like Cassiopeia I've shed so many tears.


Depressed to the max

today not only i cannot watch mkmf live cos of the stupid internet connection but my MP4 went on strike as well too sad to even stay up.


It Just Made My Day

Today i and passionyingli was walking around the mall when we heard the video store and a shoe store playing TVXQ Mirotic,which totally made my day. Due to fangirl blood in me, i and passionyingli stood outside the shoe store and listened to the songs while hyperventilating!! We were so proud of TVXQ!!! I hope that the boys know that they are truly loved!!

p.s i got my first comment at the community!!!


Against Antis

The promotion of passionwitchy is not going very well but i still have not lost hope and will continue to promote the site!!!

Yesterday i was watching so many TVXQ parodies and i have to say that the fans have great imagination!! Some are so funny and so rated, but i seriously don't support antis for whoever. I mean don't you people have anything better to do? Everyone has their own opinion but that doesn't mean just because you don't like someone you can just bash that person. Personally SNSD is not my favourite person in the world but you don't see me burning their CDs, pictures and stuff. All i have to say to the antis are you guys should not hurt others, you can dislike someone but don't bash them if they did no harm. Please don't bash me for my opinion, i did not know what SNSD did to deserve so much anti but if you would like to tell me ,just comment!!


Arghh!!! Promoting Community

hi i've been busy lately trying to promote the new community that i have open, i hope i could get people to join in and spread the TVXQ love. So i'm kinda depressed stage that no one has seen it yet, but i will not updating it and will keep on looking for people to join in so help me spread the word around please. Thank you for your help.



Hi!! I am Passionwitch!! I am new here and i hope that i will make new friends and share my life here. I am a person who loves music, surfing the net and having fun. Dojo Yoroshiku!!